Season One:

The Trials of Michael Jackson

Examine the many faces of Michael Jackson with host Brandon Ogborn. What starts as a simple question of guilt or innocence quickly turns into a searching chronicle of race, fame and abuse. Drawing on extensive interviews and relying on much-needed humor, Ogborn and co-host Omar Crook interview Jackson’s defense attorneys, the investigators & prosecutors who pursued him, and the writers & tabloid journalists who followed the cases and ferreted out leads. Through those interviews and their ruminations, Ogborn and Crook wander the hall of mirrors that was Jackson’s life, painstakingly, sometimes painfully, reconstructing the complex narrative of an iconic and troubled performer haunted by allegations of criminal perversion.

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Brandon Ogborn- Writer/Producer of Telephone Stories

Brandon Ogborn is a Michigan native and studied improvisational theater in Chicago at Annoyance, The Second City Training Center and i.O., (formerly Improv Olympics). In Chicago, Ogborn authored the critically-acclaimed play The TomKat Project and later co-created the award winning web-series Young Couple. He has several film projects in development and resides with his family in Long Beach, California. He is represented by Mosaic and Verve.

Omar Crook- Co-host/Producer of Telephone Stories

Omar Crook is a working opera singer in his 15th year with the Los Angeles Opera Company, and was featured on the 2016 Grammy-winning recording, Ghosts of Versailles by John Corigliano. Omar is also a writer, veteran podcaster and the host/producer of the popular Living With a Genius podcast.